Home Healthcare

Recovering from an illness can be a long and difficult process, and we at ModernMeds want to make it as easy as possible for you. As you regain mobility, ModernMeds will be there to conduct a safety check at your home or at our facility. We provide both Walker/Rollator Inspections and Home Safety Inspections.

Walker/Rollator Inspections

As part of our TLC commitment, ModernMeds technicians can inspect your mobility device AT THE ASSISTIVE MOBILITY DEVICE USER’S HOME to help ensure it is functioning optimally and is in good working order free of charge. At the same time, we can educate you and any carers on good practices for storage and upkeep of your equipment.

The inspection process will take about 5-10 minutes for each unit.  Our technician will check:

  • Wheel bearings, making sure they are smooth and clean
  • Wear patterns on all wheels or glides are at acceptable levels
  • Tightness of all bolts and nuts
  • Functionality of operation and locking of breaks
  • Frame for damage and/or cracks at the welded joints
  • Handle height comfort for the client


During the inspection, the technician may identify issues with the device that will require repair or replacement. A list of all these issues will be provided to you so you can decide which, if any, of the repairs you would like to proceed with. Should you wish to have repairs performed by us, arrangements can be made to have your device serviced as soon as possible. The cost of repairs will be calculated based on the price of the parts plus an hourly rate for labour (billed to the quarter hour). We provide quotes for all repair jobs before proceeding. Should your repair require us to order parts, a deposit will be needed. Minor repairs not requiring parts, or if parts are in stock, can take place on the same day if time permits.


Home Safety Inspections

ModernMeds is committed to making your home safer and more accessible, thereby reducing the risk of falling and maximizing independent living.  We believe that in getting a home safely inspected by an expert will give you and your family peace of mind.

Subsequent to booking an appointment, ModernMeds will send our home care specialist to visit your home for an initial assessment and inspection.  Our technician will make observations and ask many questions before making suggestions on how the home can be made more safe, while encouraging independent living that fits your family’s life. Whether you need a bathroom modification, stair railing, wheelchair ramp, stair lift or even a single grab bar, ModernMeds is your one-stop service provider.  We inspect, provide, and deliver the equipment or devices.