Retirement Home Services

ModernMeds works closely with several care facilities located within the communities we serve. We are committed to making health and medication management easier for both facility staff and residents. Let us work with you to help ensure your staff meet provincial requirements.

Total Lifetime Care (TLC) and Residents

We want to make living at a retirement facility as much like living in your own home as possible, but we also know that reduced mobility and health concerns can make that difficult. With that in mind, ModernMeds offers services like health and beauty product delivery, safety checks, on-site MedsChecks, and more. Whether it means providing services in the language you are most fluent in, helping you stay up-to-date with your flu shots, or making sure all your medication questions are answered, we are more than happy to help. Let our pharmacy come to you and show you our brand of TLC.

Total Lifetime Care (TLC) and Your Facility

The use of TLC at ModernMeds makes the process of medication assistance/support much safer as each medication in the blister pack is clearly labelled, identified and sealed, with a pharmacist to back-up and monitor that the patients’ medications are in good order, resulting in a decreased risk of drug interactions and side effects.  Our pharmacists can be contacted if any of the facility staff have questions.  This process also ensures the accountability of care workers, as everything is labelled, reducing the potential errors made by them.

Additional Services

ModernMeds can offer many other services to your care facility, including

  • Seminars and workshops on important healthcare issues
  • In-house flu vaccinations
  • Walker/rollator safety checks
  • In-house MedsChecks (for eligible patients)