Total Lifetime Care (TLC)

At our pharmacies, we do more than just fill prescriptions; we provide TLC: tender, loving care and Total Lifetime Care. We work with you through every step of the process, providing streamlined communication between physicians, care facilities, and our pharmacy team. You can submit your prescription to us in person or through email and rest assured that it will be fulfilled quickly, accurately, and safely.

ModernMeds simplifies the process of receiving your medications with our TLC program. It is more than just a bubble pack of your medication, it is an integrated way of looking at your health. TLC encompasses additional services like vaccination reminders, fitness events, lectures and more. We even offer loyalty points on non-pharmacy purchases with our Prosperity Patient Care (PPC) program.

Features and Benefits

  • saves patients time as prescriptions can be directly faxed or emailed to us from physicians;
  • reduces the potential for medication error for vulnerable seniors as medications are packaged in individual daily compartments with labels clearly detailing how and when to take them;
  • ensures prompt and sufficient supply of medications for each patient, especially during holidays/vacations as medication can be delivered to your door on a biweekly basis;
  • accessible pharmacists answer any questions over the telephone, so no need for lineups and long waits at a pharmacy;
  • careful checks by our pharmacists for any potential adverse reactions to or complications with new medications;
  • dosage instructions, medication information, and discussions with pharmacists in the language you speak and understand best (when possible);
  • ensures medication changes (e.g. type and source) can safely monitored by family and healthcare professionals; and
  • indicates what medications have been taken/administered, providing a full and detailed record for healthcare professionals when needed.